Our History


Isidoro Polencic is a family business, now run by three siblings – Alex, Elisabetta and Michele – who carry on the work started by their parents Isidoro and Anna but before that, by their grandfather, also named Isidoro.

The Origins

Our family has long been here in Plessiva, in the heart of the Collio wine region. We have always traced the contours of the rows as we grow the vines with methodic and careful tenacity.

Originally, like all farmsteads in the Collio area, we were a classic farm. We didn’t just cultivate vines. At the time when Collio was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the area was renowned for the production of cherries and until the 1960s, there were even peach orchards and many vegetables were grown here.


Managing the agricultural world of Collio began to be transformed and focus on wine production. The turning point came in the 1970s when the sale of the first labelled bottles began, gradually leaving the bulk wine trade behind.

Isidoro Polencic today

In the 1990s, further specialisation in viticulture led us to expand the area planted with vines and to focus definitively on selling the bottled product.

Today, we three siblings continue along the path started by our father and grandfather, producing great Collio wines.